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One Changed Life and a Leap of Faith

I grew up in an age where most folks attended church.  We went for awhile, but when it was no longer convenient we quit attending.  I am so grateful that Dave D. took the time to come to my dorm room that evening, after we finished work, to share Christ with me.

This was the beginning of a turning point in my life and now I have an eternal perspective on life

It is hard to believe that God would see fit to change my life and then use me in the lives of others.  It is so overwhelming, at times, that all I can do is weep and praise Him!  I am, or should I say, we are His trophy.  We fully represent the power of the gospel poured out by the grace of God.  I just want to sit here awhile and soak that in!

Just as Dave D. had an impact on my life, we can have an eternal impact on others.

As you may know, this year is a leap year, so we have an "extra" day in February.  We want to encourage you to set that extra day apart to join thousands of teenagers as we take a LEAP of Faith!  The last day of February will be a day where we will take the initiative to share Christ with at least one friend who is in need of the Savior.  High school students all across the country will join you as you take a LEAP of Faith!  We have no idea what God is up to and who He wants to use to be the next best evangelist or pastor, but we are willing to trust that He has a plan for us!


Look Around

Look around and see who God is putting in your path.  Begin praying and asking God to give you the opportunity to share Christ.  Get a partner who will both pray with you and also take a LEAP of Faith!


Educate Yourself

Educate yourself on some of the main things that will help you in presenting the gospel to this friend and what you might say to them.
How do I start a spiritual conversation?
What tools can I use to initiate?
PDF Questionnaires

Where can I find a good presentation of the gospel to share with my friend?


Apply Information

Apply this information to your own life. Take some time to get yourself ready for this LEAP of Faith!  It is not our preparation that will lead your friend to Christ (that is God’s work).  You are trusting God to share His message with your friend.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the things you will share.  You will feel more comfortable and so will your friend!


Power Up! 

God is the one who is at work.  God is the One drawing your friend into eternity.  He is the One who purifies your thoughts and motives.  He is the One who makes weak things strong!  It will not be the eloquence of your words or the creativity of your evangelistic tool. It is God by His Spirit at work that eternally impacts the life of the person (both yours and that of your friend).  Take some time to purify your heart and to talk to God about your friend.  Then walk in confidence in His power and boldly proclaim the One who has transformed your life!

A year after Dave shared Christ with me I had the opportunity to learn how to share my faith and talk to someone about Christ.  I stood next to a University of Michigan football player and began a conversation with him while we watched some college students perform a football skit on the beach.  It was natural to talk about what we just saw and the leader of the group explained that people in the audience would like to talk to them about a relationship with Christ.  We engaged in conversation and I explained to him how I became a Christian and he said that he wanted to trust Christ with me right there!

I was so encouraged and I have used that often to be reminded of God’s power (and grace) as well as His call to do that same thing everywhere I go.  Yes it is true that God loves you, but it is also true that He loves those around you who have not yet responded to the gospel.  Take a LEAP of Faith and see that God is good!

Scott Livermore  
100 Lake Hart Dr, Dept 3200 
Orlando, FL 32832

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