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Go Global - Student Venture International Projects

Scott Bartelt
Scott has served with Campus Crusade for over 21 years in youth ministry

In 1989 I participated in my first Student Venture International Project in Mexico.  Having never been out of the United States prior to this time, it made for a faith-stretching and eye-opening experience to say the least.  I was amazed to see how God did miraculous things in a variety of circumstances and in individual lives.  I was also amazed, as a young staff member, to see the leadership our high school students demonstrated, and the maturity with which they carried out the ministry.  Since that time I have had the privilege of helping lead over a dozen Student Venture projects, going to a variety of countries around the world.  These projects do two incredibly important things.  They provide leadership development for our student leaders and a very unique and powerful opportunity to share the gospel with lost teenagers around the world. I keep doing this year after year because I believe that nothing else we do in Student Venture accomplishes both of these goals as effectively as our projects do and in such a relatively small amount of time.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our projects…

Why should I participate in a Project?
The primary reason for participating in a Student Venture International Project is that you are responding to God calling you to be sent to the world. Many young people around the world admire American teenagers. Because of this, American high school students have a special platform and are listened to by teens worldwide. You can turn this platform into an opportunity for you or students you work with to have an eternal influence by sharing the truth of Christ and providing discipleship training for young nationals who can then have a positive, eternal influence in their own countries. You will also learn many principles of ministry to take back to your ministry at home. This could set young people on a path of life-long ministry.

What will I experience on a Project?
International Project As a project participant you join a team of other students and adult leaders who serve Campus Crusade for Christ high school movements in host countries. You have opportunities to speak to groups of students about their personal faith in Jesus Christ. You also host activities where you can intentionally build relationships with young nationals with the hope of personally sharing the gospel. You will have the opportunity to trust God in many new ways.

Who will I go with?
You go with a team. Many times this team will consist of students from particular schools who have planned to go on an international experience together. Most teams also have students who come individually from all over the country. A typical team will be somewhere between 12-15 people with a Student Venture Staff team leader, an Associate team leader, and a Project Administrator. Together they will give leadership and direction to the whole team.  We also often have college students join our team, as this is a perfect opportunity to get a good taste of high school ministry for those who might be considering working with us down the road. 

For more information about Student Venture’s International Student Missions:

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