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Guarding Your Investment

Scott has served with Campus Crusade for over 25 years in youth ministry

This year's seniors are about to file out the door onto the next phase of their life. I wonder what will happen next and if our students will continue to grow in their faith in college? I have been shepherding teenagers for longer than I have had children. And now that my oldest daughter is heading off to college, I am more concerned than ever that our students will grow spiritually in the years ahead. Here are a few suggestions to encourage our students to succeed beyond their high school years.

Walk them across the threshold

  1. Help them think through the church and para-church options that await them next year in their new college home. Talk about their gifts, desires, dreams and needs and help them see which ministry opportunities best suit them (you can talk in terms of strengthening a weakness or accentuate a strength). Use the following link to find out which ministries are at the campus your student is interested in attending
  2. Walk them through some of what they will face as well as help them think through how they will be a "self-feeder" spiritually. You could talk about what being involved in discipleship might look like at the college level.
  3. Help them identify and establish a partnership with another student who will attend the same university and share their values for spiritual growth (it will be easier to maintain their resolve if they have someone else committed to the same decisions).
  4. Contact them every month or so throughout their freshman year. The past investment makes the extra effort important. Make a phone call or a road trip up to see them. It will mean the world to them and could be the spiritual adrenaline rush they need to get through a rough spot.

Connect them with a Campus Ministry

  1. After you have identified a group or two for them to try on for size, contact the ministries that they are interested in and arrange a meeting. A connection now will help your student make the transition easier for both the student and the ministry workers.
  2. You may wish to take a road trip with some of the seniors in your group who will attend the same school and try out one of their meetings (it might be too late this year, but this is a good principle that you might want to incorporate into your plans for next year).
  3. Write a spiritual reference letter to the staff of the organizations they are interested in. Give them some background on the student and let them know some of their strengths and weaknesses. Give them some ideas of how to challenge this particular student to trust God and grow.

Play the card

Last year, we created a card, Senior Bookmark that you can print out and give to seniors either with another gift (like a Bible) or by itself. This card has a variety of resources that you can use to direct students as they transition to college ministry. This tool can be used for either evangelism or discipleship purposes. - Senior Bookmark

It's not too late to share the gospel with seniors even with just a few weeks left of high school. Also check out last years Coaching Report - Last Change to Reach Seniors, for outreach ideas to reach seniors.

Reaching the next gereration.


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