Coaching Center - 2011 - August - Let's Pray
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2011 - August - Let's Pray

Too much to do, let's pray!

Scott has served with Campus Crusade for over 25 years in youth ministry

Let's pray!

I have been challenged by my prayer life (or a lack of one) again! I can run hot and cold. I can be distracted even in the midst of a meaningful conversation with God. It can get so that I don't even get around to praying because of busyness or discouragement. How can something so important to me and my walk with God become so anemic and illusive? If I know what I know about prayer, why is it so seemingly unimportant to me by its absence at times?

I wish I had all the answers to these questions and others you might be asking about prayer. I have some things for us that might help, but the problem with my praying (and I suspect yours too) is found in the nature of prayer. Jack Taylor, a pastor and evangelist once shared, when speaking about prayer: "Prayer is Worship, Prayer is Work and Prayer is Warfare!"

Worship - the people of God should focus on His character and attributes in prayer. Worship is a declaration of who God is.
Work - Our circumstances and some of our desires compete with the need and desire for prayer. It is hard to stay awake and focused - prayer is work!
Warfare - there is an enemy of our soul who would do anything within his power to keep the saints from communicating with their Heavenly Father.
The other side to this is that prayer is victory for the child of God. It is us focusing on our relationship, our dependence and the love we have for our gracious God and King. We must pray! We were created to pray.

So as this new school year approaches - it is time to take prayer seriously! As you think about your ministry and what it will take to accomplish all that God has for you? Let us offer four suggestions that might fit into your schedule as you kick off the school year.

Retreat and Planning

Jesus modeled prayer before he started His ministry and before He chose His disciples. He went away to pray. It was His desire to line up His life with God's heart so He sought God in prayer. Take your team (leaders) away and think through your year, but spend more time seeking God's face in prayer. We have a planning retreat outlined on our website - HeadStart Day, which could be used as a shell for your time. Make sure to emphasize prayer as a key role to your planning

Prayer Walk

Students, Christian teacher, parents and youth workers all have a vested interest in God doing what only He can do in and around your school this year. Invite whoever would be willing to come and walk around the perimeter of the school and pray. If there are people who would provide you access to the school so that you could pray in classrooms or lunch halls, take advantage of that. You could even sit in every seat in a stadium and pray for those who will enjoy either sport, athletic and musical events. Ask God to open their hearts to the One who created them.

Enlist a Prayer Team

Let this be the year where you invite a team of people to pray for you. Make sure they receive regular, timely and urgent prayer requests. Call them to help trim the forces that wish to steal, kill and destroy the investments you make in the hearts and souls of middle and high school students. Empower them to stand with you in prayer.

More prayer ideas online at

My crazy and lazy life is more reason why I need to spend time in prayer! God make me more like your Son!


PS Don't forget to plan for See you at the Pole - Sept. 28, 2011 - Planning ideas


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